The Doctor's Diet Program of Idaho is a physician assisted, doctor supervised, prescription diet pill weight loss program with proven results to help you lose weight. Prescription diet pills are available from Dr. Murry Sturkie, D.O.. Conveniently located in Boise and serving surrounding Idaho communities.

( 1 ) Only $59.00 each month for your clinic visit and your prescription diet pills*.
( 2 ) No need to go to a pharmacy. We fill your prescription right at our clinic.
( 3 ) Diet Class - We teach you on your first visit which foods to eat and which foods groups to avoid.
( 4 ) No calorie counting, we teach you portion size & snacking choices.
( 5 ) Eat out at all your favorite restaurants, including fast food. We will teach you the foods to choose that fit with your busy lifestyle. No brown bagging necessary. Eat with friends and co-workers at all you favorite spots.
( 6 ) No contracts or agreements to sign.
( 7 ) You must be medically overweight to qualify for the prescription diet pills.

( 8 ) Lifestyle changes, food choices, portion control, exercise and many other factors determine how well you will do on the diet.
( 9 ) Your family history and your commitment to take personal control to change your appearance are most important and linked to your overall success.

As you know, there is no magic diet pill, and all people cannot get the same results from any one diet or diet program. Your results may vary.
This long-running and highly successful national program is run in Boise, Idaho by Dr. Murry Sturkie, D.O.; for the benefit of his clients who have a desire to lose weight, be healthy and feel better.

Our patients have told us this is the best diet ever! Patients have:

( 1 ) Sent us new patients after friends and co-workers see results.
( 2 ) Told others to believe it after losing 20 pounds in one month.
( 3 ) Smiled and told their story after going from a size 18 to a size 7 in three months.
( 4 ) Described the diet as "awesome" or "wow!"

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